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All About strat

Welcome to straTivari, where the passion for music merges with environmental commitment. We are Carlotta Pupulin, Miriam Paschetta and Lucia Morini, three friends united by the vision of transforming bottle tops into pedagogical violins made of recycled plastic. Our project came to life in 2020 when we won the GxG call of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. Guided by our ecological anxiety and love for the planet, we have created a unique harmony between creativity, sustainability and music.

Every instrument we make is a symphony of recycling and innovation. We are committed to not only offering high-quality instruments, but also spreading environmental awareness through music. Our goal is to create a positive impact, a sound carpet of change. Thanks for being part of our journey!

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our violins

In the straTivari world, art and ecology meet in our pedagogical recycled plastic violin. Each instrument is a symphony of sustainability, carefully shaped from recycled materials. Not just a musical choice, but a green footprint in the world. Join us in the orchestra of change, where every sound is a promise of a better future.

This is us

In straTivari, we are more than a team: we are an orchestra of innovation and sustainability. Made up by Carlotta Pupulin, Miriam Pachetta and Lucia Morini, our trio combines a passion for music with a commitment to the environment.

While bottle caps are our original muse, our creativity goes beyond that. Recycling is not just an act, but a philosophy: we use various materials, transforming them into unique musical instruments.

What sets us apart is our mission: to create eco-friendly music and awareness about better use of plastic. Each instrument is a symphony of change, a hymn to sustainability. We not only produce preparatory violins, but we shape a harmonious future for future generations. Ours is not just a company, it is a positive footprint in the world. This is our story, this is us. We are straTivari.

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